I just got back from Las Vegas last week. It was a work trip but an amazing 3 days. (Well, only after the flight there when the left engine on our plane made a terrible noise and forced us to land mid-way to switch planes. That was scary and not so amazing)

But during that 3 day trip I…

  • Raced a Lamborghini at 110mph on a closed track.
  • Drifted in a 500+ HP Corvette Z06 driven by a professional driver who drove in Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift
  • Took 3rd place in a poker tournament.
  • And got some incredible news about my job.

But those 3 days are a just a sample of the last 2 years. Since August of 2013 …

I’ve travelled to many new cities and places I never would have visited.

I went to California for 10 days with my family and had the vacation of a lifetime.

I’ve been able to work from home every day with ZERO commute.

I’ve enjoyed a schedule that has allowed me to work out daily getting me into the best shape I’ve been in for years.

I’ve been able to enjoy my wife’s company during the summer when she’s not working (as a teacher)

I’ve spent more time with my kids then I did in the previous 5 years.

And I’ve gotten paid to help people and do something that I truly love.

Some people may say I’m lucky. But luck is only something that happens at the roulette wheel in Vegas. See, the last two years wouldn’t of happened if I hadn’t done a few key things.

So, for those of you out there who are looking to have the best year of your life take notes. Here are 3 keys:

First, I stopped looking at porn 5 years ago.

Now maybe you don’t have a problem with porn but many of us have something unhealthy in our life that keeps us feeling trapped. That keeps up from experiencing God’s best for us. For me it was porn.

If I hadn’t stopped looking at porn my marriage would still be sub-par. I would still be a crappy husband and a second rate dad. And I wouldn’t be working for XXXchurch.com (obviously).

See, things like porn are a problem. But the bigger problem is what those toxic things keep you from experiencing.

If you want to experience the best then you need to ditch those things that only rob you of your best.

Second, I left what was comfortable but not great.

 Some of you may not know this, but I worked in insurance for 17 years. I was the President of my family’s small agency and made a decent enough living.

The paycheck was ok.
The job security was there.

Yes, the work environment could at times be stressful because of family drama.

The work itself was unfulfilling.
And the job was a bit thankless.

But I was comfortable. However, comfortable and happy aren’t the same thing.

The day I decided to leave the only career I’ve ever known without a firm job offer in hand was the day life got exciting.

Yes, unemployment for a couple of months was scary.

There were times I asked myself if I had made the right decision. I mean … no job security and “retirement” plan … What was I doing?

But then the offer came from XXXchurch. And I’ve never looked back.

Don’t be afraid to move when you feel the need. It’s ok to take a chance. Yes, wisdom is needed but don’t confuse the “safe” play with the “smart” play.

Third, I had to say YES to learning something new.

When I received my job offer and description from XXXchurch I got a little nervous.

Why? Well, because my primary job was managing a website that got over 750k hits a month and I had ZERO experience in that field.

I knew insurance.
I knew policies and coverages.
I knew risk analysis.

But I hadn’t ever managed a website. I knew next to nothing about that world.

But they had confidence in me and gave me a shot. And I took it.

Over the last 2 years and still today I am always being pushed.
I’m always being challenged.
Frequently I am told, “You figure it out.”

And in those moments sometimes I feel nervous, uncertain, and fearful.

But then I take a breath and say to myself, “This isn’t a problem, it’s an opportunity.” And when I do that I push through … I learn new things, and I better myself and raise the worth of my stock.

Sometimes the only thing holding us back from our best is fear.

The fear of learning something new.
The fear of failing.

But when we push aside the fear and say, “Hell yes I’ll take that on!” we create opportunities to improve ourselves. We open up a world of possibilities and new experiences.

Maybe the past 2 years of my life doesn’t sound that great to you … that’s ok. But it’s been an amazing ride for me and that’s what matters.

And if you want to experience the best years of your life then maybe you need to change a few things.

Maybe you need to ditch that unhealthy habit or mindset that’s holding you back.
Maybe you need to get a little uncomfortable and take a risk.
Maybe you need to learn something new.

I want to challenge you to do it. Because if you do your life will change in ways you never imagined.